How Bad or Good is your memory after having some hard seizures?

How Bad or Good is your memory after having some hard seizures?

My life has completely changed and hasn't been the same after I had my first seizure, obviously, but sometimes I feel like my memory has worsened. I had mentioned it to my mom but she didn't really think of it as a problem she saw it more like I'm trying to convince myself of something that's isn't true and that it's all in my head. To be honest it makes me sad because I try to think back at memories when I was in elementary school and they're not… read more

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I've had many grand mal seizures over the years, and it feels like after each one I lose a little more memory.

I forget if I've already told someone something. I forget things I've been told. I have a terrible time coming up with words I want to use when speaking or writing/typing.
I also sometimes have trouble speaking or getting the words out correctly. It's embarrassing.

I'm sure all of the drugs I'm taking aren't helping this condition either.

posted over 1 year ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

Hello everyone - I know this thread is about memory loss. I just wanted to add that my memory is worse after seizures. Some days I have multiple seizures and after that I feel like my memory has been wiped clean. But I am confident that slowly it comes back. And yes I have hit my head on the ground several times, which may also affect memory. But sometimes when I’m at home alone I just try to think back to my childhood and find a fragment of memory. If one appears then great! I’ve made a neural connection. So I just keep thinking back to something that happened in the past or something I did previously and trying to make more neural connections. I also play brain games online. These help with memory. And just keep rebuilding those connections like a puzzle.

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After I have e seizure it takes a few days to get my head straight and as for memory I carry small noted books that I have to keep notes on things in my life. It does work I function fine my big problem is short term not long term. Just remember keep notes. I am a psychologist so notes are not a big deal for me lol.

posted 11 months ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

Anyone who had any repetitive damage to the brain can lose usage. looked at professional sport players, military, any one a repetitive neurological disorder. or damages.

posted 9 months ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

My last grand mal seizures I had were three on the same afternoon on at a party in 2016. On the way to the hospital, the third at the hospital in Burbank CA.
And when I came out of my seizures. I woke up at the hospital. I asked my family where I was. My daughter told I was there 72 hours. My memory has not been as sharp as it was before 2016.
What’s weird about it is I have trouble transactions at a retailer. supermarket, or a bank. But I never forget when to take all my meds as prescribed on time

posted 10 months ago
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