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Does anyone ever have people treat you like you arent safe around their children? I mean for me i know when i dont feel right.

If i didnt feel right i would never volumteer to watch someonea kids or my stepkids but to act like epilepsy means u cant babysit seems kind of harsh at least for me bc i can feel it coming. And i also got a "well the sight of it migjt traumatize the kids"

posted about 2 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User

Anyone had an Ambulatory EEG?

My neurologist suggested I have one of these done, I don't do well sitting in the hospital for days on end, which was proven when they had me do 3 day video EEGs already this year. I was curious if anyone had ever had one done, and did it make it difficult to go about your daily life? I imagine showering will pretty much be out of the question, and I am anticipating a lot of strange looks whenever I go out in public.
My neruo's office is doing it through a new company that will… read more

posted about 2 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User
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Here. I changed my profile pic to last year's ambulatory EEG. Hopefully that will give you an idea of what you'll be wearing.

posted 8 minutes ago

Have you ever had a seizure shortly after obtaining a physical injury

Have you ever had a seizure after injuring / hurting yourself. Be it a sport injury, while working in the garden, .... i.e. any physical injury anywhere to your body.

If so, tell me;
I - how long after you injured yourself, (the same day, next day, ... ?) did you experience the seizure.
II - What type of seizures do you experience?

posted about 3 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User
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Yes!!!! Pain is a serious seizure trigger for me

posted about 2 hours ago

Does anybody ever have weird feeling when trying to go to sleep ? But hard to explain how you feel.

posted about 6 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User
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Weird things happen all the time when i sleep, i try not to pay to much attention to them. Its can either b medication side effects just living with… read more

posted 42 minutes ago


I wake up with a lot of energy ready to do anything but 1-3 hours After I feel I'm so tired like sometimes I'm in school just sitting down and there is no reason for me to feel so tired but I do does this happens to any of u?

posted about 9 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User

Is caladryl lotion a sz trigger?

tags: over the counter med lotion

posted about 11 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User
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I don't know the lotion? Never used it so can't help you sorry

posted about 7 hours ago

See a specialist

This may just effect sufferers in the UK because the state of the medical system but worldwide opinions appreciated. I find that as each year passes even though my symptoms haven't changed I get to see my neurologist less and less. Maybe they think I am getting better or they haven't got the funds or the number of people with epilepsy and brain disorders is increasing?

posted about 15 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User
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I agree the times between my appointments seems to be longer, now been seeing the same consultant or 8 years and its as if he knows me now so doesn't… read more

posted about 7 hours ago

Epilim and lamictal side effects. Sleep disturbances

My 9 year old is taking Epilim and Lamictal for frontal lobe nocturnal seizures. His seizures appear to be under control (for about 3 years) although he frequently has sleep disturbances about 45mins after falling asleep, it isn't a seizure like we have witnessed previously but he partially wakes, is hot and has difficulty moving and makes a verbal noise similar to when he's had a seizure. It lasts a couple of minutes and then he falls back to sleep. Does it… read more

posted about 16 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User

Advice on College and Epilepsy

I have a few questions to ask for those with Epilepsy/or Seizure disorders(thank you to those who respond):
1)Do you have to tell professors you have Epilepsy?

My mom keeps telling me to tell my professors that I have epilepsy. She keeps saying "what happens if you suddenly fall and go into a grand-mal"?! Though this is one of my rarer types of seizures I have. Though I really don't want to because, I have been seizure free for quite some time. I don't wear a medical bracelet but,… read more

tags: College Accomodations photosensitivity

posted about 22 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User
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If you don't tell your teacher then at least tell a friend in your class. Someone should know what to do if you have a seizure so they can help you.… read more

posted about 11 hours ago

Amino acids in seasoning sauce

Anyone ever tried Trader Joes Coconut Amino Acid seasoning sauce (in place of soy sauce)? It says it has 18 amino acids and not sure if these may be a trigger for epil. hubby


tags: Food triggers intolerances

posted about 23 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User
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Where did you buy it? Perhaps an allergy not sure what to answer since I haven't used it

posted about 7 hours ago
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