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Has anyone ever had to increase doe on trileptal and felt dizzy and low energy

posted about 13 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User
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Its making me dizzy and im get really dizzy and im getting scared

posted about 6 hours ago

seizure diary

Can anyone suggest a good seizure diary app compatible for iphone? Thanks

posted about 24 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User
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I currently log mine in my notes but I found a cool app called Seizure Log that even allows one to video tape a seizure. Check it out. All the best!

posted about 19 hours ago

What are people's safety specs for living alone?

I'm starting the "move out" search and have yet to throw the topic at my mum yet. My only worry is that she'll have a long list of safety specifications for me living by myself (she gave me a "lecture" the other day about using a hot water bottle instead of on of those heat pack you heat up in the microwave.)
So I just want to let her know I have thought about it and using it towards the type of place I'm looking to live eg top floor flat vs ground floor flat incase… read more

tags: Apartment-living Daily living Safety

posted 1 day ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User
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I don't worry much about being by myself I figure if I have a seizure I'm going to have a seizure if there's one person around or three or zero there is nothing… read more

posted 1 day ago

Right Temporal lobectomy

I have seizure been experiencing Absence seizures 2006. I had the surgery on 4 May 2010. It was a major success. I was seizure free. I was still on meds because I had epilepsy in the back of my brain and the didn't want to operate there because I would lose some of my sight. I was on Epilim 400mg a day and Lamictan 300mg a day. In 2012 I started to experience terrible headaches. I started to drink Toplep 200mg. In June 2016 my doctor took me off Lamictan and in September 2016 he took my… read more

posted 1 day ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User
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I was still on Topamax ( Toplep). I wasn't off all the meds. After I went to see him in Oct 2016 and he did EEG tests again then he said I did out grow the epilepsy… read more

posted 1 day ago

My profile, I'm new!

Why won't anything be saved on my profile, like symptoms & what I've dine or had for relief if stress & seizures???

posted 2 days ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User

Why does my arms go numb and I get clammie before I start to shake

posted 2 days ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User
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Some people have an aura before a seizure that helps them predict it.. it could be a smell, or taste in your mouth, a feeling of deja vu... I've heard of vision… read more

posted about 1 hour ago

Do people have problems with healing of cuts and scratches since they started their treatments ???

I have noticed that since I started taking my tablets I do not heal as quickly as i used to ??

posted 2 days ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User
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All of these darned meds have a side effect of balance issues and dizziness, and when I'm on 3 of them right now, I think I'm doomed with balance and dizziness issues!… read more

posted about 17 hours ago


Dr has yet to get back to me on this are there any cold/flu meds I can take with my keppra I've got to be able to function for kiddos

posted 3 days ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User
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I used to take meds but I found a long time ago I was effected by the one med and it took me several day to get back to normal.

posted 1 day ago

Todds paralysis

I was diagnosed recently with MS and after a seizure last Monday (which I lost memory of two days) I was told I suffered an episode at hospital with Todd's paralysis along with a prolonged posticital period. Anyone else ever been told this?

posted 3 days ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User

First, I am sorry to hear of your troubles. I have not been told anything regarding Todds. I wish you the best.

posted 2 days ago

Klonopin I believe I was prescribed for anxiety

I have severe anxiety and depression ... I would also tremor a lot in my hands, still a little. I take twice a day. Did anyone get prescribed this drug cause of anxiety ?

tags: Anxiety Anxiety and Depression Clonazepam psychatrist

edited, originally posted 3 days ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User
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I take Kloppin to help me with my anxiety and depression too, though Effexor is my primary antidepressant. I have a quite a few multipurpose medications, with the most… read more

posted 6 minutes ago
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