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Any tips on weight loss?

Hi, just wanted to ask the community for any tips on losing weight when your medication can make you gain weight. I go to the gym or swimming for 5 days a week but weight loss is so slow. Has anyone in a similar situation have any tips to share on exercise or diet?

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posted 19 minutes ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User

Help plz

How can I See or answer someone questions On My Story about myself

posted about 4 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User

Use the comment box

posted about 3 hours ago

Does anybody have catamenial epilepsy and what their thoughts are on it or what there help is from the dr.s?

posted about 9 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User
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Yes keppra and zonisamide and folic acid. I've been reading too. Plus a dr.,well gynecologist said it's progesterone tat i need and another article from North Carolina… read more

posted about 9 hours ago

Insomnia and epilepsy

Does anyone have issues when their epilepsy worsens, they also get insomnia? I had a tonic clonic in public the other day (of all places) and several since, out of nowhere... and even though I am exhausted I cannot sleep! When I do it's for a couple of hours. This is horrible! It's happened before I just never made the connection.

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posted about 13 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User
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Benedetto can lower your seizure threshold. Be careful!

posted about 2 hours ago

Questions medical care

No acess to medical care
Right , i have seizures everyday no medicine what so ever or medical care for them.
Somedays are worse then others i stil function okay, i guess.
Dont wanna call 911, waste of time ,If its screaming bad they give me stuff for them even if it is suppose to be really fake , hospital here will maybe give me .5 ativan and treat my migraines but not a whole lot else . i always leave hospital screwed the hell up even worse .
It just my brain effecting my life .

Now what?… read more

edited, originally posted about 15 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User

I Need Help On Making A Descision.

I'm A 29 Year Old Mother Who Has Epilepsy, With A 5 Year Old Son With Autism. I Was Diagnosed With Epilepsy About 3 Years Back Due To A Lot Of Stress & A Lot Of Depression. At This Moment I Am Barely Making Ends Meet While Waiting For My Disability. My Neurologist Requires That I Shouldn't Work Nor Go To School At This Moment. I'm Getting Frustrated Because I'm Tried Of Basically Being Helpless. I'm 4 Months Strong Without Having Any Seizures & I'm Very Close To Giving… read more

tags: Job Disability Work

posted about 15 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User

Have you thought of working from home. I do I'm a telemarketer the company I work for are very well aware of my condition and very understanding. I get paid an hourly… read more

posted about 10 hours ago

Supplements to curb side effects?

Is there any supplements that is out there that is safe to take with Dilantin or anti-convulsant meds that helps with the side effects?? I am tired of feeling the anxiety and irritablity and wonder if anyone else takes a supplement to help with these.

posted about 16 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User

Are there any weight loss medications that I can take while on the epilepsy medications Vimpat and Keppra?

posted about 16 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User

Try some apple cider vinegar, or just google it. The brand name "Bragg" Organic

posted about 13 hours ago

Has anyone else experienced these seizures?

My seizures are different.. from what i have researched they sound like they are absent seizures. But what I do is I lose my focus and thought. Its like i zone out for about 2 to 3 seconds.. and i have ask qustions before. Like today I had one and I ask my mom where was I at.. and i also had one in my sleep last night and hollered for my mom and she said i looked real angry and was confused. I also get very tired after.. anyone have these seizures like this or similar?… read more

posted about 17 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User
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Oh okay, now i sometimes get very tired drained feeling. I am thinking about looking into going to a new doctor soon, I have been going to the same neurologist for… read more

posted about 4 hours ago

Issues with Vimpat

Before Christmas I went through roughly a six week changeover from Lamotrigine to Vimpat. The only real problem that I have had is with my teeth and jaw. I am doing a lot more clenching on the vimpat which is resulting in pain in my jaw and TMJ inflamation. The TMJ imflamation is also resulting in teeth being loose and shifting. I have never had this type issue on dilantin, carbamazipine or lamotrigine. The problem only came up since the change to Vimpat. This has not been really noted as a… read more

tags: Vimpat; dental issues

posted about 20 hours ago by A MyEpilepsyTeam User
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I have had Epilepsy for majority of my life. I had all my teeth filled and they were fine.
A year later I went to the dentist and he told me I had to get so many… read more

posted about 10 hours ago
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