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Has Anyone Had Brain Surgery To Correct Their Seizures? Im Scared And Would Love To Hear Your Stories And Get Any Advice I Can

Has Anyone Had Brain Surgery To Correct Their Seizures? Im Scared And Would Love To Hear Your Stories And Get Any Advice I Can

I've got complex partial seizures with identified abnormality in my temporal lobe. Seizures are focal so my neurologist said surgery is an option I should consider, but I'm pretty scared and not sure it is worth it. My seizures aren't very bad and I could still lead a mostly-normal life but I plan to become a doctor and with sleep deprivation being a major trigger for me it may prevent me from pursuing my desire to work in a hospital (which means long hours). Im not sure about the process of… read more

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

Useful info eh??? Heeheehee!!! Just kidding!!! Hope ur siezure surgery went well!!! As of having surgery is a definite option!!! If u know that surgery is ur last to the end of ur serizures then go for it!!! U may already have had it, by here is the the jist if it is if ur epilepsy is coming from top frontal lobe??? Then its great to have surgery!!! 70% of the average epileptic will do great!!! But like me they lost count at 150 per day!!! I had no option but to have the surgery done!!! I got it don't Sept 11th 2003!!! During the 6 hour surgery I was woken up during the surgery & asked to speak!!! They were testing where to cut & what to cut!!! So after a while I woke up to my divorced parents were both there!!! Both of yhrm??? SURPRISE!!! Wake up!!! I was like huh OMG!!! Ur here together!!! I couldn't believe it until I actually woke up!!! Well apparently the surgery was a success..I turned out to be 1 of the 70% who the surgery worked for!!!
Once my surgery was done I began to start my life ice again!!! Because until I had the surgery i was on sooooooooooo much meds I was a zombie!!! In such high doses of meds I slept all day & night...once I had the surgery I started my life at the beginning again but on 1/2 the Amount of meds I was on!!! I couldn't believe it!!! I was so happy!!! &grateful at how the surgery went well!!! So a few years Free of seizures I was having problem & I had a grand Mal...I had suffered getting amnesia!!! I completely forgot who I was the only way I knew anything was being told every thing... over & over I had siezures when they discovered I was having being turning in to being the 30% in which the surgery not work!!! So...I have epileptic & non epileptic siezures...they can't believe here I am 2020 & I. Still taking meds & I dislike them so much my stupid doctor doesn't understand why I take these!!!

Any questions???just ask...may take time but will answer!!!

Just ask...
Have a great day!!!

posted about 2 years ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:
Read my story.
Had a surgery last year and been seizure free :)

posted about 4 years ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

I'm having mine this Saturday=) ready n waiting. Praying for no seizures after!!

posted over 2 years ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

Just had my appointment with the brain surgeon yesterday. My first surgery is on April 5th but they do have me on their cancellation list in case anyone cancels before me. The surgeon went over all of the potential risks and also how my head will feel while I am admitted for those 8-9 days in their EMU department. The surgery is about 4 hours long not including the recovery room time and then they will roll me back to my room where I’ll be for that time period. There will be around 40 different Surgeons, doctors, nurses and anesthesiologist’s in the operating room besides Dr Lega who is doing the surgery. He said that After the surgery, I probably won’t be able to chew on things like burgers for a few days because the Brian thinks there is something going on with the jaw muscles while I have the electros in my brain and they tighten up for a few days to where I won’t be able to open my mouth very wide. During those 8-9 days they want to throw me into multiple seizures to narrow down the exact part of the parietal lobe where they are originating from. There is a slight risk of blood clots in the brain during the operation and would need to go into a more serious operation but he doesn’t foresee that happening. It’s rare. There were a few other risks he mentioned but also are rare. But hopefully they will have a cancellation and be able to get me into surgery even sooner so that I can get all of this past me

posted 3 months ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

I have grandma seizures and a doctor told me when I was 17 to have brain surgery and was scared to get it

posted 8 months ago
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