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According to the Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH), Topiramate is indicated for focal (partial) seizures, generalised tonic-clonic seizures, and drop attack seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Topiramate is an antiepileptic, or drug that prevents seizures. It is believed that Topiramate works in cases of epilepsy by inhibiting nerve signals.

How do I take it?
Topiramate comes in tablet and capsule forms.

Side effects
The AMH lists common side effects for Topiramate including psychosis, suicidal thoughts, vision changes, speech difficulties, rash, strange taste in the mouth, electrolyte imbalance, and, in children, nosebleeds.

Rare but serious side effects listed for Topiramate include hepatitis, metabolic acidosis (a dangerous chemical imbalance), and difficulty controlling body temperature.

Information was sourced from:

The Australian Medicines Handbook

Topiramate for Epilepsy Questions

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