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Epilepsy And Pregnancy
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member asked a question 💭

Hello everyone
This question is mainly for the women who have carried children, but if you can answer this question in anyway please feel free!
My wife and I are talking now about having children, however here in Ontario the epilepsy world is a little behind and maybe outdated.

So my question to all the women is, what medication(s) where some of you on to make carrying your child/children safe? Because my doctors keep telling me it’s not safe and never going to be possible
So I’m… read more

posted February 2
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A podcast just came out today where 2 young women with epilepsy interview a female epileptologist about having kids when you have epilepsy. . Above is the link. It’s the “what the EF” podcast . Episode 5

posted February 7
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

Im curious about this too! My husband and i have been talking about kids. I take lamotrigine and my doctor says its one of the safest to be on.
But because each pregnancy is different and effects every woman different its hard to tell how my body will react.

posted February 2
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

So many epilepsy meds are some of the safest of all for a pregnancy. As Peggy said above dont know why Dr tells you no way. Just a switch in meds could help and there are so many now to choose from. My story is different because 44 years ago there weren't. Please get a second opinion bout this. I've followed research bout meds & pregnancy due to my experience & others I've met whose kids were affected by meds for various health problems..I know other epileptics who have had perfectly safe pregnancies too.

posted February 3
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

Please keep in mind that my daughters are in their 50s; and I'm sure times have changed.
I was on phenobarbital and Dilantin during both pregnancies. When my first daughter was born, a doctor told me I was fortunate that I hadn't had a seizure because I wasn't receiving the full dosage. (He said part of my meds were going to the baby.)
After my second daughter was born a nurse told me they thought the
baby was in withdrawal, which she wasn't. Luckily both daughters are fine and now have children of their own.
I trusted my doctors to let me know of any risks...I was wrong.
Please research, ask questions, get answers.
Peggy Shore
PS Of course, I don't know your history, so I don't know why your doctors said it wouldn't be safe to have a child. Is it your seizures? Your meds? Could you take a different medicine while pregnant?
As I said, ask questions, do research, maybe get a second opinion. I wish you all the best. 💖

posted February 2 (edited)

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