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Left Temporal Lobe Surgery

Left Temporal Lobe Surgery

My son is set to have left temporal lobectomy on September 28 2018. I am wanting to talk to people who have had this done and your experiences. We are very nervous.

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

That’s the same date that I had my left Temporal Lobe brain 🧠 surgery ( Selpt. 28th. ).. the only difference was the year, which was in 1998.

My Dr. Said that I needed to shave my left side of my head . I decided to shave my whole scalp , so my hair would grow back evenly. remember doing a few different tests before the surgery. The by the day of my check the got me set up for the GRID Test/ EEG. . Through the EEG/GRID TEST they were trying to map the exact readings to the whereabouts of my seizures patterns. They also were gradually reducing my meds ,to have a better chance of reading that seizure pattern.

The day before the Brain 🧠 Surgery they had a Specialist come in my room and hook all the EEG and the GRID Test electrodes to a special box and would push one of the many buttons , one at a time. He would ask me to do a few simple things ( say ABC’s , Sing Twinlke Little Star, or have me count to a certain number ) and it would help him know what part of my brain he was triggering.

The day of my surgery , the last thing I remembered was being knocked out by the gas mask. After the Surgery I ended in the ICU ( no clue how long ) when I woke up with bandages around my head.. Then they brought me back up to my original patient room. A couple of days later, a nurse came and unwrapped the bandage off my head and got to see and feel the after results.

Before my surgery I had mild, moderate and severe seizures. After the surgery , I still have seizures but they are now mild and moderate seizures.

Hope this helped.

posted over 2 years ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

I had the surgery last year and expected to be Epilepsy free. 8 months seizure free now.
It's honestly a great feeling not only for myself but family and bf.
Life changed so much and I reached so much goals.
It honestly didn't hurt

posted over 2 years ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

i had a left hemispherectomy, which means my left brain is disconnected and a small part is removed (the one that cause my seizures). my parents and i were beyond worried. your son will blink and the surgery will be over as mind did. i have a lot of therapy to walk right and/or talk right. it is about 3x a week for about a couple or months. then once a week for a month every couple of months and then once a week for about a month every couple of years or longer.
as for the effects... my right is less than the left. i have everything in there but speaking will be your downfall. i can speak well but my downfall is typing and spelling. i will not know what your downfall is until after the surgery.
my advice is two-parter. 1 is 'hope for the best and prepare for the worst'... everyone is different and your brain is wired differently then your kid. 2 is 'one step at a time'... you will have everything all at once or a lot of 'curve balls' throng at you. just say 'today is a wonderful day and i (or we) are (enter what you want for today here like to go to the hospital with my kid today)!'.
you will get thru this and you will win this fight. and good luck

posted over 2 years ago
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