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What Does Everyone Do To Help With Mood Disorders?

What Does Everyone Do To Help With Mood Disorders?

How do people control their anxiety and get themselves out of depression? In the past 6 months i have been able to “control” it without meds or therapy. Idk why but in the last 2 months, my anxiety has spiked to abnormal levels. After having a panic attack at work, i am now very depressed again. All i think about is something bad happening or i could have done this better. Its eaten me apart: ive actually lost 10 pounds in the last two months from stress....
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A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

@StacyLL mood swings cannot be managed through maintenance medications. Such medications only serve to keep us in a an even plain. The mood swings still occur, it's an help to maintain the swing. I took antidepressants (SSRIs, SNRI's, Anti psychotropics, of label trials) for 40 years. When tried talk therapy. We become the masters of our own dilemmas. Feed them, fight them, micro manage them - whatever we do doesn't work? Yes. My meds for seizure disorders are also indicative for my tremor disorders. As such, the a also act as a maintenance for Major Depression Disorder yet, do nothing for anxiety attacks. If we as peoples epilepsy search ourselves, we are more likely to find the swings are triggered by anxiety and stress. Something heavily overlooked by the medical community. My meds are Mysoline and Requip. The first is a barbiturate class med and two other is a dopamine antagonist which is generally used for RLS but also adjunct to Parkinson's type disorders. It is also effective as an anti depressant. Along with the Barbiturate class, they work pretty well. When I was young, my mom would tell me to catch my breath and count to 5. If need be, bite your tongue (cliché) and count to 10. Then exhale out. Then just breathe low deep breaths in through your noise, out through you mouth. Measure your breathing by counting seconds. Gradually take your breath in and slowly let it out. This exercise oxidates the brain readily. We should always measure our breathing when at rest. Especially when our thoughts and emotions run amok. Drink 16 to 20 ounces of water all day long. When arising try to take in one quart of water within the first hour. You body easily losses that much over night. Your normal bodily functions in the morning remove even more. As epileptics, can the brain uses up more than average amounts of fluids. They don't teach this stuff epilepsy school but it exists within the research. Hope this helps

posted about 2 years ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

When you have a panic attack, stop & look around for 1 red item, then listen for 2 different sounds, can you smell 3 different odors? What taste do you have in you mouth? Touch the ground with you hand flat on the ground. Your panic attack should be over before you finish.. it's about getting into the "now".. what exactly is around you at that moment.. involve your senses to help "ground" you

posted over 2 years ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

@A MyEpilepsyTeam Member. Migraines. I've no clue if my brain considers them. OTC meds? Inflammation reducers. Tylenol is as useful as a breath mint.
If you have a chance, look up the Endocannabinoid system, the all the processes of CBD and THC in the brain and throughout the body. It will be enlightening.

posted almost 2 years ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

cashews are actually effective against depression, i put them in a smoothie,

posted over 1 year ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

You and I could be good friends.
Like the term "Neurologicial Depression" I would say that it could possibly be connected to many
of the medications that we are on for Epilepsy,
I'm on Veneflaxine 75/150 MG~ it's the generic for EFFEXOR.
Have been on it since 2005 and it helps me to deal with being my husband's caregiver.

I have a name for when doctors begin to pescribe medication before taking you off of an old
medication and a patient becomes ill~ MEDICATION ROULETTE .

And my Migraines laughed at OTC things like Anacin or Bufferin.
LOVE your "Useful as breath mints"
Have a wonderful doctor helps me with my Migraines.
He gives me what helps ~ IT'S ALL LEGAL !

posted almost 2 years ago
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