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My son is 26 and has refractory epilepsy. In June he woke up with a horrible headache. My voice was too loud for him even. I thought maybe it was a postictal headache, but the ones he had in the past were not this severe, and only lasted a couple of hours at the outside. He was extremely dizzy, couldn’t walk, and vomited several times. I was on the phone with his neurologist and he started to have a seizure. He has a VNS so I used the magnet and it stopped it. The neurologist said to give him… read more

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A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

He’s been taking Lamictal for years—since he was 14. Yes, I am aware of those exact side effects and he has never had a problem like this.

I’ll look into the contraindications between Valtoco and… read more

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