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Multi Focal Seizures

Multi Focal Seizures

My initial diagnosis was abscence seizures (which I've had for 10 years, 2 which were hallucinatory, and also 2 grand mals), but recent events has led to an alteration to multi focal.

I am meeting with the neurological team tomorrow, so this is the perfect chance to throw them every question I have in their direction about this change.

I've already written several down, but anyone else who has multi focal seizures have any suggestions?

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

What forms of multi focal seizures do you have?

Here are the results of my simple search on Multi Focal Seizure:

And here are the results of a search on symptoms of Multi Focal Seizures:

posted 4 months ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

Ebs Sounds like your seizures are abating in intensity which is good. I felt same bout surgery but my testing showed it wouldn't help. Now you know it's not a physical prob but an electrical one with brain activity so why/how is unknown. Tell Drs how seizures have changed. Based on this & previous testing the best treatment will be determined. Some of the greatest minds in history had this type of epilepsy. For now when you feel one try to relax, let pass, keep in mind you'll be okay & you know the reason. Ever read Alice in Wonderland -Lewis Carroll's attempt to describe his seizures-before we knew enough bout the brain & epilepsy

edited, originally posted 4 months ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

Very good question. An intracranial EEG performed prior to right frontal temporal lobe surgery in Nov 2019 determined my brain is bilateral, so I would say that focal onset has progressed to bilateral tonic clonic. Which is what they were hoping to shut down with surgery but it seems to have gone the other way :) But this was a chance I was willing to take at the time with have done very little research, so the I accept that this is my latest reality. Also hence why I'm doing a lot more research now - I had average knowledge of abscence seizures then, but now times are changing and I want to learn more with them.

This was a question I had already written down to get more clarification from the neurological team tomorrow, but (I think) I have a better understanding so far, so thank you. I'm making a few assumptions here, but from my basic understanding this is why I have retained awareness throughout the majority of these new seizure events (past 6 weeks roughly), whereas before I had impaired awareness. And also why they have performed the gene test, as we have no family history of epilepsy. This is all very intriguing.

edited, originally posted 4 months ago
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