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Does anyone know if you can follow a modified or the normal Atkins diet if you're using statins for high cholesterol I'm supposed to be avoiding fats ( my main source of protein is chicken ) Just thought I'd ask before I Google it

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

My husband and I are on the Ketogenic Diet since October 2019. I have lost 30lbs and he has lost 50lbs. He's now at his proper weight. Men loose quicker then women. I though need to loose another 40lbs to get my Body Mass Index under 25. I was Prediabetic at the time when we began. My GP tested my bloodwork by March 2020 and I was no longer Prediabetic. No signs of diabetes at all and she was very impressed at my weight loss and the fact that I was able to divert diabetes. Here present day, I am still loosing. I truly think we will never stop Keto. We are also doing the intermittent fasting. I'm desperately trying to reduce my excess weight to get all those stored up toxins out of my body and hopefully stop feeding my cancer. April 2018 I was diagnosed with Invasive ductal Carcinoma and went through Surgery, Dose Dense Chemotherapy then 20 treatments of Radiation. We studied up on the best way to "Not feed the cancer". That meant to stop ALL SUGAR and it's relatives, ALL ADDITIVES, ALL PRESERVATIVES. The fats we need in our body are good fats, Olive Oil "cold pressed and organic" , Avocados. We do use Chicken with skin on and bone in alot! NO signs of high cholestral in my blood. The neurologist blamed the stroke on the Chemo in 2018-2019, said it leaves the blood sticky. Also even though my cholestral was normal and though only "slightly elevated" they did put me on ATORVASTATIN. I found the Atorvastatin caused extreme muscle aches and pains, as well as in my bones and joints. Caused insomnia too. They changed me to Rusovastatin and it's not as bad. However, I am going to be on other meds for my cancer and those also cause more muscle, bone, joint pains plus insomnia. So I was going to stop the Statin. Statins destroy the GOOD CHOLESTRAL as well as the bad. You need a certain amount of cholestral and it's when they get out of proper balance beneficial to your body that they become problematic. When LDL's bind with Sugars, it can't unload the cargo and deposited at the Liver which many people have what is called a
''Fatty Liver" . So some of the tiny particles get deposited into the veins and arteries where they collect, You've heard of hardening of the arteries?.
So we have ceased using anything in relation to "ose" as in Fructose, Glucose etc...So far I've been doing really well. I just found out that the doctors thought I had 3 other sites of cancer but only 2 have been confirmed. We eat Chicken about 2-3 x a week. Eating fish like Haddock, Tuna or Salmon, sometimes Herring 2-3 x a week. Occaisionally Sausage, Every weekend we share a pound of bacon with eggs. Make our own Cinnamon bread, Brioche buns (all keto). Oh we also make our own Bone Broth.
For me, this is a race of survival with Cancer and my health. I hope you find your way too.

posted 9 months ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

I can only refer you to this article at virtahealth:-

Do statins decrease the production of ketones?

Dr. Stephen Phinney and the Virta Team‍.
Statins are a class of drugs that target the body’s production of cholesterol in the liver, but they have other effects as well. One of these side effects is a reduction in the body’s level of inflammation, which may be beneficial. There are no known problems associated with combining statin use with a well-formulated ketogenic diet. In fact, Jeff Volek’s team did a study in which they recruited people who were already taking a statin and then put them on a ketogenic diet for 6 weeks. As a group, they lost weight and had improved blood lipids (e.g., reduced triglycerides, reduced small LDL particles). But to the point of this question, their blood ketone levels went up into the nutritional ketosis range as expected

posted 9 months ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

First off if you want to mess with your diet I recommend doing it with medical supervision. I am on a medically supervised MAD (Modified Atkin's Diet) diet trial to see if it helps with my epilepsy. I am also in an ongoing program with my cardiologist and certified lipidologist to keep my cardiovascular numbers at the utmost optimal level since I had open heart surgery 3 years ago. This includes 2 statins.

It's too early to tell but 2 weeks ago my 9 month lipid numbers came in and yes they were worse but not drastically. However my cardiologist was not happy. My dietition was OK with the numbers and said they were only slightly worse. I do not want to jeopardize my heart health.

The bottom line for me is first if the diet is helping the seizures or not, and if not I will likely discontinue the diet but of course with my dietitians supervision. She says it shouldn't be stopped abruptly. If the diet is helping the seizures and I want to continue then we will have to try to adjust the diet to see if we can find ways to not sacrifice my heart health.

Another thing is how much longer I can continue the MAD diet just considering how hard it is, and it's really hard. I haven't gone out of ketosis or had more than 25gms of carbs per day in over 4 months. It will take another month or so to tell if it is really helping my seizures or not. Sorry if this is TMI but it's really important to me right now. I wish you luck.

posted 9 months ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

modified atkins diet is just the original keto diet. but the hole point of both modified atkins and/or atkins with the meds for high cholesterol is fine... but you have to balance everything. i am on keto and have some meds (mostly seizure and other meds that doubled as a somewhat seizure med. anyway when i went on keto... the meds were gone. the same with atkins.

posted 9 months ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

We monitor our keto intake to 50 carbs per day, more or less. My intention for myself is to loose excess weight and get to a proper Body Mass Index of 25. Im presently at 32. This is also to get into an Autophagy state to regenerate and produce healthy cells to replace the cancerous ones that are expelled from my system.
My husband came to his proper BMI in 6 to 8 months after we began keto. In his case, he has had almost nil auras. Though he is still on his regular medication. But we believe, it has helped reduce the auras.
Everyone might react differently. Plus all our doctors know what we have put in place.
Healthier eating, eat live vegetables, home made bone broth integrated into home made soups. Make our own home made high fat yoghurt. We make homemade baked goods, make our own keto strawberry ice cream, muffins, cheesecakes(these are sooo delicious!)
Illiminated all processed sugar, honey, molasses, etc... eliminated fructose, sucrose, reduced glucose, eliminated all grains, gluton, processed foods, preservatives, except fermented foods without processing. Im loosing about 1lb/ week or slightly less. My husband is maintaning his weight successfully and has more energy.
Hope this gives some of you hope. Keto doesn't have to be boring.

edited, originally posted 7 months ago
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