Has anyone dealt with this? Has any doctor had a patient with all of this?

Has anyone dealt with this? Has any doctor had a patient with all of this?

Please dear God... Someone help me!

At first it started with excruciating headaches... they think its from a lesion on my brain. I was first seen by a doctor just about these headaches in October 2017 and they are still on going

I am in so much pain that I land up screaming and crying.
At times I go blind, my eye feels like its swollen.
Severe memory loss
On many occasions I have become unresponsive like the lights are on but no ones home..… read more

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

I have forgotten some of my most important dates in my life, friends, things I have done an hour prior, you name it, and it still cannot remember them

posted 10 months ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

I, myself write a daily
diary. I write down;
1. What i eat 4 ea. meal
2. Appointments
3. What i need to get/buy
4. I even keep a page on school paper, when
my medicine is due a
5. I'm a Gpa, & i have to
write Birthdays, etc. or
I can't remember
*i mention writing down, because you can always look back,
(on previous days if U
need to know.)
I write the date, in "RED
Colored Ink--than my notes in blue or black
colored ink, (it makes it easier to see things.

posted 11 months ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

Short and long term memory loss hit me hard when I was around 17. It led to about eight years of mild/moderate depression, and I spent university feeling inconfident, low on self-esteem and struggled to make any new friends like people more often do. It played its part in losing friends because of it too.

From what I can tell on here it could be worse than this though. It's the worst part of my epilepsy, but I'm finding my way around it now.

posted 10 months ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

I have focal seizures and my short term memory is bad. I'll think about doing something and within minutes I forget what I was thinking about. I'm terrible with names and i also have accelerated long term forgetting. I form memories normally, but in a matter of days, werks, or months, those memories are completely gone. I remember things and people from before my seizures started, but I have trouble remembering things that have happened after my seizures started. It's very frustrating, as I'm sure many of you know.

posted over 1 year ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

Same here. Its painful when my daughter asks if I recall something or my wife tells me a story of something we did a decade ago and i have no clue or recollection. Im only in my mid 20s and feel like I have early Alzheimer's symptoms.

posted 10 months ago
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