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Trouble Working
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member asked a question 💭

I have been having a hard time going to work the last few days. It's hard to get my boss to understand that sometimes I can have one seizure and sometimes I can have multiple that will keep me down for days. I dont know what to do anymore. Drs haven't said I can't work but I dont know how many times my job can deal with me being out.

posted June 27, 2017
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A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

I work for my state. When I was hired they knew i was disabled, but they weren't told what my disability was and weren't allowed to ask. So i arranged a meeting with my bosses and told them that I have epilepsy, that I had brain surgery which helped reduce seizures but didn't completely stop them, and there were side effects of the surgery related to language and memory...basically laid it all out for them. Because I'm employed by the government I'm not worried about obvious discrimination but I thought it was only fair that they know my situation. I also had my state epilepsy foundation give a presentation to my office. So my coworkers understand how to react to seizures and why I learn slowly.

It's always good to be up front with your employer. If they refuse to hire you because of your disability, or won't accommodate you at your job, they're breaking the law. Go to for info on the Americans With Disabilities Act.

posted September 28, 2018
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

Most of my employment issues were about the time I was not able to be there. It was a nightmare.
My recent employer is great. We make a claim to FMLA that protects every absense related to seizures. I have been on Short Term disability 2X this year because of several break through seizures. I was very transparent with all the managers and we have onsite nurses. We all sat down came up with a plan. So I could have a seizure without creating a scene. It has worked well.

posted August 28, 2018
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

I covered this quite extensively (i.e. my experiences on the issue) in my book. My final intention was to show and let everyone know that even though I have this negative & unpleasant issue, I am still beneficial for the company. Even though I may be away a lot more than others, that I am still beneficial to my coworkers and to the company.

The way I see it; You can't really expect people to fully or even partially understand epilepsy [if they don't know it]. That's why it's up to me to show them; Am I unpredictable and unreliable etc. OR am I reliable and capable

posted March 2, 2019 (edited)
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

I've had two really bad experiences of having a seizure at work. First Bad Experience: When Employer Found out I was Epileptic, They Started finding Reasons to Blame Me for for things I wasn't responsible for or didn't ever do------100 % False Accusations! The Job that I'm talking about, is where I was the Warehouse Supervisor over several workers. I was a good supervisor, and Even Received several Bonuses for Work Efficiency AND Safety!!! But, when My Employers found out that I was Epileptic, and that I had to take a few days off so as to recover, the company slyly began to invent Many Rumors/Lies and Prejudice against Me in order to make Me want to leave the company---They Didn't want to Take another Chance of Me having a Seizure at Work and Receive an on the Job Injury or a potential Lawsuit filed Against Them!

Second Bad Experience: Worked in a warehouse for a different Employer with many different departments/work sessions. After having a seizure At Work, Company Supervisors Moved Me To a Different Work Section so as to "Keep An Eye On Me". In this New Section, I was the ONLY Worker, and was told daily to go help other work sections so as to "Get Them Caught Up" because they were "Running Rather Slow". I was required to do this Every Day! However, when I returned to My own Work Section To Complete My Own Section Requirements, I ALWAYS found the Same Supervisor that told Me to help other departments Standing there Telling Me that I was getting behind in My own session. It's was so amazing that the same Supervisor Making these Accusations Was to One That Told My to Go Help Others! One Day, I even had a different Supervisor FORCEFULLY(!!) GRAB ME BY THE ARM while finishing My assigned duty section Paperwork. Now that is forceful Aggression. Bottom line is that all Companies will ALWAYS try to Invent Ways or Reasons for an Epileptic Employee to want to Quit the Company and Move On!

In conclusion, it's been My unlucky Experience that ALL Employers Always try to Create Job Stress, Hardships, "Twist the Truth" or totally Bare False Witness Against People With Medical Problems------whether it's Epilepsy or some other physical disorder so as to make the Employee want to quit or resign from the company, so as to Avoid any possible Lawsuit For an On The Job Injuries.
Do I sound bitter? Yes I Am, and will Never Forgive the Cruel Harassment and Bigotry against People like Me--or You who have Epilepsy! These two things that I've pointed out are 100% the Truth and Hopefully Shows People that Employers Will Always Find a Way to Discrimination Against People like us With Medical Problems! May God Judge any Employer Extremely Hard for Their Stupidity, Bias or Lies!

posted July 28, 2020
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

I discussed myself with her & gave her all my personal information + health care information, and she has been very helpful when a seizure has occurred!

posted July 26, 2020

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