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Anyone notice any food triggers (allergy or non-allergy)?

Anyone notice any food triggers (allergy or non-allergy)?

Knowing what triggers are really help with coping with epilepsy. Surely I avoid them best I can... but think I'm still musing a lot of them.

What are some of yours?

I know persevatives, additives, excess caffeine and heavily vibegared food are the biggest for me.

I do have a citrus intolerance (mainly with lemon) that makes me dizzy and very sleepy.

Eggs seem to bother me but not allergic.

Foods with high fat like hamburger (restaurants never seem to… read more

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A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

Thank you Nicole. I’m presently vegetarian, and recently while reducing what remaining dairy was in my diet, I increased my daily intake of soy… read more

posted 7 days ago
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