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Paranoia After Seizure
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member asked a question 💭

I would like to ask a question. When you have a seizure, does anyone else get really paranoid about anything? For me, it is my bills. After a seizure I forget I have paid my monthly bills and within a day or so after a seizure, I will repay one or two. Twice recently I have paid my rent twice, thankfully, I have a very understanding owner who calls and checks on me to see if I want her to return the check. Last month I paid my water bill and my electric bill twice. Not only does it make me feel… read more

posted April 19, 2016
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A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

I have to mark everything on a calendar anymore because of the same thing, we come too half the time not knowing where we are clouded and paranoid, and more times then not clueless of our surroundings. So my best advice is to make sure you mark everything down... Hope this helps

posted April 26, 2016
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

Perhaps mark on a calendar when the bills are due, and then tick as soon as you've paid them. Then, after a seizure you can easily see which have been paid and which have not. i'm sorry if this seems like an obvious answer, i'm not sure what your current technique is. This is how i have to do all my important things as my memory is awful!

posted April 24, 2016
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

It's typical for memory to be a major problem after a seizure. In all of the research I've done this is mentioned frequently. Clearly there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Also, memory loss is more or less severe depending on what part of your brain the seizure starts in.
I think the memory problems are one of the MOST frustrating symptoms of Epilepsy.

posted November 9, 2022
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

Yes!!!! I have a wipe board , a calendar …
I write and check off
And I text box myself notes all day!
I have short term memory due to TBI / sezuires

Finding tools that work for u

posted April 24, 2022
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

I do a lot

posted April 20, 2016

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