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Nerologist Running Own Test Not Asking For What Has Already Been Done
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member asked a question 💭

Just seen the nerologist last Thurs Jan 2023.My Nerologist, She doesn't want anyone elses scans or tests. When I've already have had abnormal EEGs plus video EEG. MRI & Cat scans are all normal tho. Anyhow my Nerologist,She wants to do all her own
Workup. Is this normal?
Cause none of my sons Nerologists have did same testing they always went to next step/testing. He was finally diagnosed 2022 Generalized epilepsy after yrs (started when 14 yrs, now 25) of having them and being on meds.

posted January 31
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A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

One of the reasons why she wants to do all of her own tests is because equipment is different. There are several kinds of tests that weren't done that she is looking for. For example, you say that an MRI test was already done. She may want to have an MRI with Contrast done so she can get a clearer picture of what she trying to view from the results. I have seen many neurologists over the years and each one has a way viewing each test differently. Sounds like to me she just wants to get current tests that has what she is looking for.

posted January 31
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

I took records as well and they didn't want any, it was so weird. My son who was dianosed finally last yr with generlized epilepsy, his doctors wanted to see all his records since he was 14, he is now 25. Its just so weird that they wouldn't want all my records over the yrs of past MRI & Cat scans done by old Nerologist when I had severe Migrains etc. Not even all the records since this all started Thanksgiving 2022. I've had abnormal readings on my eegs and video eegs etc. And they just want to start all over. Its crazy. Also they keep upping my keppra which hasn't worked since day one. Everyone I know thats on keppra has a added med to it. I only have keppra which obviously not working its been 2 months and 8 day.
I feel like its all about tbe money here in Reno NV

posted February 1
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

I have noticed each doctor I see may have a different way of doing things.
In my case, I have few old records to refer to because my former doctors seldom provided me copies of my files.
I recently had an EEG done. I managed to locate some 30+ year old copies to take with
me when I had it done. Although the files were old, the technician was grateful to see them because they gave her a basis for comparison.
I would hope doctors would not run unnecessary tests, etc simply to save us (and them) time (and money.)

posted January 31
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

Having a baseline to go off can judge where you are heading, how fast. Getting new tests is common, not a bad thing.

posted January 31
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

My one prior to the last did that as well it was like being out through. A gauntlet all over again. And he tried to deny the results. Blaming everything from alcohol to drugs to somehow I could manipulate the testing. I don't drink alcohol I don't use drugs nor can anyone manipulate the testing. He was just a jerk. He is gone though from where he practiced he was kinda asked to leave for doing these things not just too myself but others.

posted January 31 (edited)

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