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What Treatment For Epilepsy? I've Been On 6 Different Meds.
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member asked a question 💭

Every couple of years I have seizures then my Dr wants to try something new or ups the dosage. The meds I'm on now are making me dizzy and off balance

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

I have been on too many meds to count. I was on phenobarbital, volume, Dilantin, Depakote, Topamax, and vimpat just to name a few. My son is on Trileptal, Keppra, Onfi, Depakote (two, 250 mg, and… read more

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Has Anyone Found Cranial Sacral Treatments Helpful In Soothing Your Brain And Body?
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member asked a question 💭
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

No need to apologize. Tell your neurologist's about the depression side effect of that medication
As someone who was once labeled as not likely to ever reach a long-term seizure free state (and have… read more

Has Anyone Experienced A Significant Increase In Frequency And Severity Of Seizures With Perimenopause?
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member asked a question 💭

I am 100% positive that hormones are playing a huge factor in both the frequency and intensity of my seizures but I’m not sure where to start to address it. If anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE let me know!

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

I started with seizures just as I was coming out of menopause at 54. I’m going to be 64 in June. All of my family and friends as well as myself think my epilepsy was brought on by a hormonal change. I… read more

Does Anyone Have The VNS?
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member asked a question 💭

I have had epilepsy 52 yrs. I have taken more seizure meds than I can remember and am allergic to over 10. I am currently on 4 AED’s( Dilantin, Vimpat, Zonegran and Klonipin) along with CBD and THC oil. Can someone please give me info...pros and cons? Thank you.

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

I've had mine since 2001. Every time it goes off I sound like Kermit the frog, which is kinda funny... But even getting R+R when the battery is dying is no biggie. Your medical team will check it… read more

Does Anyone Use The Watches That Help Detect Seizures? Are There Certain Things You Need To Take It Off To Do So It Doesn't Set Off.
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member asked a question 💭

Will it set off with excessive motion.

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

I have heard of this but I am afraid to shell out the money only ro have it not work. I'm waiting for it to be out a little longer so I can hear how well it works. If it works well, I would be more… read more

Handling Side Effects
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member asked a question 💭

How do you guys handle your side effects for your medication if it makes you drowsy/ just not yourself. Lately I feel like I'm just not on top of things. I take vitamins my neurologist told me to take and tthey work pretty good. Is there any otc medications or certain vitamins or anything at all that help you guys with your side effects?

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

I’ve been on medication for about 52 years and the worst I can remember is Keppra, it gave me shakes for my hands. I invested in a larger coffee mug so I would not spill it every time I walked to my… read more

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member asked a question 💭

So, this is just weird. Has anyone been shaky just in one hand? My right hand is shaking out of control, while my left hand is steady like a brick.

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

There are 2 possibilities, why I get shaky hands.

1. Every once in awhile I would get the hand shakes if I didn’t eat properly.
2. I would get shaky hand or hands, if I didn’t eat

Epilepsy Diagnosis
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member asked a question 💭

When did you get it?







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A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

Diagnosed 1992 I think winter. Oh wait nope summer.

Epilepsy Bracelet
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member asked a question 💭

Where did you get it?
What do you have printed on it?
Photos welcome!

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

Here’s the photo of the back

Has Anyone Had Brain Surgery To Correct Their Seizures? Im Scared And Would Love To Hear Your Stories And Get Any Advice I Can
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member asked a question 💭

I've got complex partial seizures with identified abnormality in my temporal lobe. Seizures are focal so my neurologist said surgery is an option I should consider, but I'm pretty scared and not sure it is worth it. My seizures aren't very bad and I could still lead a mostly-normal life but I plan to become a doctor and with sleep deprivation being a major trigger for me it may prevent me from pursuing my desire to work in a hospital (which means long hours). Im not sure about the process of… read more

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

I had surgery in July of 2004, a left frontol lobectomy. I guess my only side effect was that my IQ increased to an above average level, it's working well, my last seizure was in 2011 and I still take… read more