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Does Anyone Take XCopri?
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member asked a question 💭

Probably about to switch to this medication was just curious about side effects and how if it works well for some of you guys. Thanks in advance👍🏼

posted November 20, 2021
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A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

You will go through a lot of ups and downs with this but the impression is that if you ride it out it’s worth it.

posted January 13, 2022
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

I think im about to be taken off lamotrigine

posted November 23, 2021
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

Yes, I'm take lamotrigne and zothisomide currently

posted January 11, 2022
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

I am currently ramped up on the max dosage of Xcopri. My doctor ranted and raved about it. They had a lot patiences with a lot of success myself. I am pretty much drug resistant. I did help but it didnt solve my problem. I didnt have any side effects, its solid drug.

posted November 25, 2021
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

Never heard of it either, but I just wanted to let you know, if you were taking those chalky 200 mg lamotrigine switch to Dr. Reddy's 250 Mg per. The ones by pharos and arobindo were causing my seizures and dizziness. Hope this helps.

posted November 23, 2021

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