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Seizure Monitoring Device

Seizure Monitoring Device

I'm looking at seizure monitoring device and wanted to know what experiences people have had with them?

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

I Use An EXCELLENT System Known As Mobil Help The Customer Service Number Is (Phone number can only be seen by the question and answer creators). I WOULDN'T Go With One Of the Other Companies I Have TRIED Them Out And They Are VERY PUSHY And Quite RUDE. Mobile Help Has The Best And The Most Friendly Overall Service And I HIGHLY Recommend Them For You. Also With Mobil Help You Have A Choice Of A Wrist Band That You Can Wear Like A Watch Or A Pendant Type Necklace Paired With A Battery/Connection Pack You Carry With You So IF You Do Have An Issue A Call Goes Out For You (Fall Detection) And A Person Actually Comes Over The Speaker On The Device And Speaks With You IF You Are Able To, Keep In Mind Sometimes The Device Will Go Off By Accident Until You Get Use To Having It, Anyway If You Cannot Respond They Alert Emergency Medical Services For You. Trust Me Mobile Help IS The BEST My Particular System Protects BOTH Me And My Mother Who Until Recently Was Living In A Nursing Home And Is Now Home With Me. Now When I Go To Work At 11:00 Pm Every Night I KNOW She Is Protected Even Though She Has A PCA At The House With Her Help Is Only One Push Of A Button Away That's RIGHT They Also Provide You With Push Button Panic Buttons That You Can Mount ANYWHERE In Your Home And IF You Have An Issue Just Push The Button. Call Mobile Help You Will Be Glad You Did AND They Are NOT That Expensive Either A Small Monthly Deduction From Your Account IF You Choose To Pay That Way That You Do Not Even Miss. They Even Give You A Trial Period So If You Decide You Don't Want It You Don't Have To Commit To Anything

posted 8 months ago
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