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Has Anyonre Tried The Combination Of Cabatrol + Briviact

Has Anyonre Tried The Combination Of Cabatrol + Briviact

Hello, Friends.

I have tried the combination Briviat with Carbatrol before, along with Lyrica and Topamax. Once I start with Briviact, I will so much better than I don't even consider it a seizure, than after a week or so, I start to experience more seizures than usual.

Currently, I am taking Carbatrol + Fycompa + Lyrica. I have been thinking to re-take Briviact again. I know there is an interaction between Briviact and Tegretol, but I'm wondering if anyone has tried/ trying this combination… read more

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

Medication could have been working to control seizures- so instead
a little foggy. If it was an uncontrolled seizure you'd be a lot worse
physically and mentally. Instead of trying to blame meds think of his
foggy time is instead of a seizure. Realize how little it affects you by
comparison then when it passes be happy you had this help.. .

posted 10 months ago
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