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Nurse Education

Nurse Education

Hi! I am in nursing school and want to educate my classmates about some seizure basics. What would you appreciate a nurse to understand when you receive care? I see that my book has a lot of information contradictory to my experience. It describes focal impaired (complex partial) as having a period of impaired consciousness for 2 hours after (I am usually aware in a matter of seconds). It also makes it seem like all tonic-clonic seizures result in incontinence and amnesia. And it only describes… read more

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

I think I would like nurses to know that there are way more than 4 types of seizures and not everyone shares the same experiences when having them. I feel like most people just assume people with epilepsy experience it in the same way. I think it’s important to recognize how complex epilepsy is and that it’s not the same for everyone because there are so many different types of seizures one can have and so many different types of meds with different side effects.

posted over 1 year ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

Educate them on the more personal level also . tell them how its has effected your life. you don't have to go into a whole bunch of big detail . But I know people people have been unfair to me and I just keeping on trucking and doing the best that i can.
Even with an injury. Off to the doctor Monday

posted over 1 year ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

One of the first things that everyone should know in the medical field is Epilepsy First Aid , along with FirstAid and CPR . Then there the knowing of Seizure Recovery meds . When someone has Cluster seizures or Tonic Clonic seizures , Ativan or Lorazepam ( generic brand ) will help slow down the seizures event stop them in their track.

Now with the seizures...

Focal aware seizures and was known as Simple Partial seizures . This is when someone is conscious during the seizures

Focal impaired awareness seizures was also know as Complex Partial Seizures . These seizures, the person is unaware of his/her seizures. It’s very difficult , for the person to record their seizures down, if they didn’t even know they seizured.

Tonic Clonic seizures , also known as a Grand Mal ( sounds like Mall ) seizure , are seizures where the muscles tense throughout the body and may have convulsions .

Atomic seizures are also know as a drop seizure. The whole body and muscles goes limp . When they are standing , they just collapse to the floor or ground.

Myoclonic seizures are mild . During this seizure, the muscles tighten then relax makes like a jerking like motion. It similar to , when someone is to just lay down in bed and start to relax . Then shortly after your arms , legs or both make a quick jerk reaction.

Absence seizures were also know as a Peti Mal seizure. This is another mild seizure. The person may look like he/she is daydreaming , have a blank stair , may bight tongue or lips and ect.

Then there’s the Aura type seizure. It is mild and short. Many people ( not everyone ) with Epilepsy, will experience this . It works like a warning, for them. Alerting that a bigger seizure is coming and to find a safe place to sit , to reduce the chances of injury. People who have Auras have different experiences. Some people may hear, see , feel , even smell something that’s not truly there. I have a friend who has auras and he hears an electric guitar playing in his head.

These are some of the types of seizures. We hear the most about . A few other things about Epilepsy is knowing the facts of Epilepsy and the Many Myths. A few of the myths, are the reasons why people fear being by us.

Epilepsy isn’t a young disorder. It’s been around for many thousands of years. There are many well known historical icons , like Julius Cesar . Then there are many celebrities of today who have be diagnosed with Epilepsy. Just understand that Epilepsy doesn’t have to be from generics . Anyone can get Epilepsy at anytime in their lives. Whether the reason was from being in a competitive sport, an accident, some kind sickness and ect.

posted over 1 year ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

I have been a nurse for 34+ yrs . teach them about the hidden stuff. Not just the ABC and only recognising the obvious. the majority of my nursing was dementia and neurosurgery and until I actually had epilepsy I knew nothing. Revert to the basics from books but also tell them about aura and they are actually seizures and especially how different they can really be. use examples like someone might suddenly laugh pick lint from there clothing when there isn't any. can be aggressive strip their clothes off till they are stark naked in the middle of a que.
Yes people can die but that's what drs are there to prevent at that time. I know I need people to realise that all these other crazy things can/do happen and we are not having psychotic events
Nurses should be there and treat pts holistically. I know myself if I'm upset and not believed what is really happening in my brain sure enough I'll have seizure stress trigger. Not just saying you just went to another planet when you ask what happen like it has happened before

Empathy is the best medicine and who would be the best person but yourself. You know, you experience and I know pts who have had seizures prefer that. I know I've been a pt and a nurse and told by other pts that thank God there's some one that believes and understands.
I explain to other staff this is what can happen and they are blown away because you don't learn that in medical books. I am still confused with my epilepsy disorder because things change.

I hope this helps and it will definitely help look after your pts because that's who you are there for

posted over 1 year ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

I like to be reassured when I am having a seizure, not just talked about as if I am not conscious or aware. Even just saying "your doing good, your going to be ok, it will end soon" helps me allot. I have the symptoms of a complex partial (chewing, fuzzy vision, numbness, gasping for air/stop breathing) but am aware allot of the time with only some black outs threw out the seizure. My anxiety still goes up during my seizures which can make them last longer or get more severe if I get to worked up

posted over 1 year ago
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