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Regarding Epilepsy
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member asked a question 💭

How I take care of someone with epilepsy ?

posted October 12, 2020
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A MyEpilepsyTeam Member

Since you live in Africa , in may want to search the IBE - Africa region website . They have locations around Africa too.

Studying the types types of seizures might give you an idea of what your mom has. Better yet find out from her . She probably knows more about her epilepsy better than anyone . Study about Epilepsy First Aid . Prepare you for when your mom seizures and what procedures to Take or follow .

Make sure she has a weekly pill organizer. If she does have one then great ! Just make sure she has taken the meds at their scheduled time.. even have a single pill box . Then if she’s out during the day ,to when it will be time for her meds , she can take it There .

If she doesn’t know when she seizured, you need to alert her. If she has a seizure Calendar or an app that she can record her seizures on is also helpful. It lets her know and her Doctor know when and how often her seizures act up.

If your with your mom a lot , your able to know whether her seizure patterns change, get better or worse, this is all important for her Dr. to know. Then he/she can figure out the next step to take.

Things like ......
Increasing medication dose
Change to a different med.
Giving options for a type of surgery, like the VNS, RNS , DPS or a Brain surgery.

Try to give her , her space . Don’t smother her. She is still going to want to feel independent . Well that’s how I want to be treated.

If you notice her being depressed, have anxiety, forgetting a lot , trouble concentratingAnd ect . If notice any changes in her normal emotions and behavior, that are abnormal from her , most of the time. . A lot of this, is going to deal with her Epilepsy , Her meds or Both . If her behaviors and emotions do change , the Dr needs to know.

Hope a lot of these helps you. Pray to you guys . It not a easy journey for her. It will be hard for you too. Just try and help her stay positive.

Good luck

posted October 15, 2020

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