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Does Anyone "glitch"

Does Anyone "glitch"

I play alot of video games so when the game glitches I have to restart it. I have moments like this. When I'm working like normal or relaxing at home I "glitch", my legs give out and I would drop what's in my hands and fall to the floor. Sometimes I'll catch myself before falling all the way down. It's sometimes hard to get back up and when my parents ask what happened I just tell them I trip. Does anyone relate or know what I mean?

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

It does sound like drop seizures. I thought I tripped in the first one but realised I hadn't when I had the 2nd. I do have to laugh about the 2nd I was at a computer on chair and just dropped. I don't know if I landed on my back or rolled over. my son grabbed his head panicked , stood over me and yelled what are you doing (I hadn't heard my son yell) I didn't say I tripped he saw me I said 'I just love lying on my back' I drop everything my family's reaction now is they hear the crash look towards me turn back watching tv as long as they hear the cursing its all ok. I do that because I have convulsion type tremors in my hands from lamictal.
My husband wants paper plates . My humor always comes into any situation to do with epilepsy if I don't laugh I'll just cry I don't want to offend anyone

posted 2 days ago
A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

Sounds like a drop seizure or maybe even a POTS attack? Certainly worth looking into

posted 3 days ago
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