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Is There More In Depth Cognitive Problems For Someone Who Has Had A Corpus Callosum?

Is There More In Depth Cognitive Problems For Someone Who Has Had A Corpus Callosum?

My son has Dravet Syndrome a form of Epilepsy
He has significant cognitive delays. Almost 9 years ago he had a corpus callosum. He was struggling with learning. He went to a regular school. He was learning to write his name fairly well, learning both letters and numbers. About 6 years ago we had to move again in regular school. He no longer can write his name, doesn't know his alphabet or numbers any longer
This school year he is in a specialized school. ( He is struggling, they say he is… read more

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

I never had Corpus Callosum , but I have hade similar experience.
I was alway in a lower learning grade level than the grade that I was in. From elementary all the way through high school, I was in special ed classes.

My seizures are active in my speech, language and memory centers of the brain . So I was slower at learning , comprehending , reading, and writing. Everyone in my class would be done before me. Most of the time I had homework.

Through all schools I had a IEP caseworker . I would do a IQ test and The caseworker would set a meet with my mom and I to see how much my grade level has changed in the different IQ areas , like Math , English and Reading.
Every year my grade level would go up at least by 1 grade .

edited, originally posted over 2 years ago
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