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Epilim And Lamictal Side Effects. Sleep Disturbances

Epilim And Lamictal Side Effects. Sleep Disturbances

My 9 year old is taking Epilim and Lamictal for frontal lobe nocturnal seizures. His seizures appear to be under control (for about 3 years) although he frequently has sleep disturbances about 45mins after falling asleep, it isn't a seizure like we have witnessed previously but he partially wakes, is hot and has difficulty moving and makes a verbal noise similar to when he's had a seizure. It lasts a couple of minutes and then he falls back to sleep. Does it… read more

A MyEpilepsyTeam Member said:

Just a thought When I read this I automatically thought nocturnal seizures. They can present in many ways. The waking up could that be that he's had the seizure and the brain and body are just coming back to 'normal' 30 mins sounds like a hell of a long time

posted almost 3 years ago
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